Hi, i'm
Travis Alexander

Web Developer & React Fanatic

About me

I'm the VP of Product Development at Teaching.com -- That's fancy talk for saying I plan and build lots of really cool educational products.

In my free time, I'm heavily involved with musical education, especially composition. I also rock climb far too much, and have an absurdly cute puppy named Nitro.

I'm not for hire, but I'm always hiring!

Drinking Coffee
Raving About React


It's really cool to be able to say "I love what I do!", but it's even cooler knowing that every day I'm helping countless teachers, and millions of children every day. Along with a really great team, my day to day is building the absolute best in educational technology. Check us out! We're even hiring!

Octaves Up

When I'm not slapping the keyboard at Teaching.com, I'm working on educational resources for learning music composition. I'm getting close™ to launching a website with some really neat tools. Check it out!

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Fort Collins, CO
United States of 'Murica